My Story

I'm a former elementary teacher who fell in love with Scentsy in 2009!  I couldn't resist the idea that I could get my OWN starter kit & get a paycheck for my own personal use!  And that's how it began!  

Even though I was super shy & had ZERO sales experience, I loved the products & was amazed at how friends told friends about my business!  I promoted to the top of the compensation plan just 18 months into my journey!  

I now work Scentsy full time & spend my days homeschooling my son, and working my scentsy business!  

I've earned every fall incentive trip, have walls full of awards, and have celebrated selling almost 1/2 million dollars in scentsy products!  But what makes me the MOST EXCITED is getting to mentor & coach others along their Scentsy journey!!!   Nothing is more satisfying than seeing someone I coach hit milestones, pay off debt, or even get to quit their 9-5 job!  

If you're wondering about the Scentsy opportunity, let's chat!  I'll answer your questions & you can decide if scentsy is the right fit for you!  251.294.2013 

​Thanks for taking a look at my website & for reading my story!  Have a SCENT~sational day!!! 


Laura Godwin, Scentsy Mama, Coach & Mentor,
owner of 
independent SuperStar Director



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